It's Spring!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

*My (Annie's) First Photography Class*

Well, I did it!!! I buckled down and finally got to a photography class to learn basics!!! I found out A LOT and had a wonderful day! It must have been excitement that caused the lack of sleep last night! Oops!

I have gained a dear friend, and her sister just happens to be the photographer of another dear friends children!! The Rancher's Wife Photography photographer, Kate Williams, did a great job helping a handful or so of us today. I have been wanting to learn more about Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO- if these are foreign to you, it is really ok....I don't have them 100% yet!- and today was the day!!!

We are doing another class in May, and honestly, I am praying to the wealth Gods because I have found out that I am advancing beyond the ability of my current camera and definately need a new one...and FAST!!! While I still love my Nikon P100, I have realized I have outgrown it and need to win the lottery to get what I want/need to accomplish my goal of becoming a great photographer!!! I want to be able to do senior portraits, newborn sessions, weddings, and have landscape photos that people WANT to buy!! I want this- so bad I can almost taste it!!! However, I do have a lot of things to still learn, and I need a lot of practice. Plus- I need Photoshop. In a bad way.

I have decided to show off some of the pictures that I snapped today, some are 'fixed'- in a beginner sort of way, with not so good photo editing programs. Some are not. Our lesson was a lot on learning our camera, but the main focus was using 'Natural Light'. Prior to today, I will admit, I just pointed my camera, changed a lil setting or so, and shot!! I didn't ever put much thought into what I was doing, because 1.) I didn't know and 2.) it made it feel like work, and I got discouraged easily. I am now going to tell you that what I learned today, will not only help my photos be better, but I don't feel like it's going to be 'work'! Kate did an amazing job teaching us, and I can not wait for the next class!

Enjoy- and in the meantime.....I need some suggestions for my photo business name!! (FroggyAnnie Photography, Newt's Photography, Annabelle's Snapshots....HeLp!!!)

Please keep in mind, I am learning!! And my point-and-shoot camera isn't very helpful in Manual mode....I found out! I did switch to auto a few times, and with my camera, I think that I get the best shots doing so. In a lot of pictures, I found that in Manual mode, the camera went right past the 'subject' I wanted in focus (in this case, a couple VERY adorable, chubby babies) and focused on the carpet or stove behind them!! As frustrating as it is, I know that out of thousands of pictures, only a few are GREAT!! And I didn't take a 1000 pictures today...............just going to throw that part out there!

Please leave me feedback!! I need all the help I can get!

My apologies for funny shaped photos- I have been fighting with slow internet and this is as best as I can do with what I have for today............


  1. Bobbie Jo UnderwoodSunday, February 27, 2011

    Omgosh Annie I love them! I can't wait to explore my love for photography aswell! Congrats girl and many wishes and luck towards your new and FUN journey! Bobbie Jo

  2. These are great photos Annie. I really like the one of Emily and Caleb fussing!

  3. Hey Annie,
    I especially love the one of Caleb looking up, and the detail shots. You should explore this more before our May workshop!!! Can't wait.

  4. Dang Annie! For this being your first photog class, you already have amazing shots!