It's Spring!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

*My (Annie's) First Photography Class*

Well, I did it!!! I buckled down and finally got to a photography class to learn basics!!! I found out A LOT and had a wonderful day! It must have been excitement that caused the lack of sleep last night! Oops!

I have gained a dear friend, and her sister just happens to be the photographer of another dear friends children!! The Rancher's Wife Photography photographer, Kate Williams, did a great job helping a handful or so of us today. I have been wanting to learn more about Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO- if these are foreign to you, it is really ok....I don't have them 100% yet!- and today was the day!!!

We are doing another class in May, and honestly, I am praying to the wealth Gods because I have found out that I am advancing beyond the ability of my current camera and definately need a new one...and FAST!!! While I still love my Nikon P100, I have realized I have outgrown it and need to win the lottery to get what I want/need to accomplish my goal of becoming a great photographer!!! I want to be able to do senior portraits, newborn sessions, weddings, and have landscape photos that people WANT to buy!! I want this- so bad I can almost taste it!!! However, I do have a lot of things to still learn, and I need a lot of practice. Plus- I need Photoshop. In a bad way.

I have decided to show off some of the pictures that I snapped today, some are 'fixed'- in a beginner sort of way, with not so good photo editing programs. Some are not. Our lesson was a lot on learning our camera, but the main focus was using 'Natural Light'. Prior to today, I will admit, I just pointed my camera, changed a lil setting or so, and shot!! I didn't ever put much thought into what I was doing, because 1.) I didn't know and 2.) it made it feel like work, and I got discouraged easily. I am now going to tell you that what I learned today, will not only help my photos be better, but I don't feel like it's going to be 'work'! Kate did an amazing job teaching us, and I can not wait for the next class!

Enjoy- and in the meantime.....I need some suggestions for my photo business name!! (FroggyAnnie Photography, Newt's Photography, Annabelle's Snapshots....HeLp!!!)

Please keep in mind, I am learning!! And my point-and-shoot camera isn't very helpful in Manual mode....I found out! I did switch to auto a few times, and with my camera, I think that I get the best shots doing so. In a lot of pictures, I found that in Manual mode, the camera went right past the 'subject' I wanted in focus (in this case, a couple VERY adorable, chubby babies) and focused on the carpet or stove behind them!! As frustrating as it is, I know that out of thousands of pictures, only a few are GREAT!! And I didn't take a 1000 pictures today...............just going to throw that part out there!

Please leave me feedback!! I need all the help I can get!

My apologies for funny shaped photos- I have been fighting with slow internet and this is as best as I can do with what I have for today............

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~Brush Creek Ranch and Spa~

As few know, I have been hired on as a Spa Coordinator out at a very nice, very new, and very top of the line guest ranch. The Lodge and Spa at Brush Creek Ranch is something that I have only dreamed of actually getting to see in my lifetime. Truly out of a magazine, this place is not only beautiful, luxurious, and peaceful- it is unique!! It is described as an "exclusive, independent boutique retreat" with amenities that include snow shoeing, groomed cross country ski trails,  "sublime spa treatments", snowmobiling, horse back riding in the exquisite indoor arena or outdoors, and fly fishing...just to name a few!

I have to say, that while they have me working- I am constantly smiling!! Before the new year, I was fortunate enough to be able to go with my boss SK, and therapist KB on a private snowmobile tour!! Talk about amazing!! We went up to see a couple of Yurts (pictured below) and had to pass through the Buffalo out grazing in over 12" of snow, lean far over on the sled so we didn't tip it on the narrow steep trail, and we were able to just take in all the beauty of this ranch! Absolutely stunning!

Here we are in the Yurt at Jim's Draw:

And here is the buffalo- darn things would never lift their heads for a great picture!
Below is what is known as a "YURT"- both inside and outside

Inside the yurts, they obviously decorate with 'dead' things!!! and here is a creepy Albino Moose!

There are many cabins that the guests get to stay in.....most resemble the layout shown here. Open kitchen and living area- bath upstairs and down, and a bedroom down, with one or two bedrooms up. They are so very nice!! Down comforters, new appliances, leather furniture, ahhh it is truly a slice of heaven!

I love this job, yet I just pray and wish that it will become full time out there! It is so peaceful, beautiful, serene, and a happy place to be!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


I am up late....of course because Caleb is working, but after I have had enough of boring FB tonight, I thought I would play around on my blog. So, yes I realize I have a complete design mess, I will try to work on the's just driving me NUTS!!!!

But, I have to say thank you to my followers!!! I have had over 500 hits, and I have no idea who some of you may be; but my statistics show that I have 13 United States viewers, 1 or more even from Alaska!! I have 2 in Denmark, and 1 each in Burkina Faso (of which I have NO clue where that is), United Kingdom, and the Netherlands!!! I am across the world, even though B family, I have a feeling you may be the latter followers!! Thanks you guys!!!

So it may be almost midnight, but I seem wide awake while I listen to some old school judging CD's that include the music of Nelly and such!! In fact, Dixie Lullaby, I am certain ALL of these songs were the ones that we danced to at the 'ROSE'!! Oh how I miss that dance hall!!!! and YOGA!!!!

Nothing much new in our house. Waiting on a brand new camera to arrive in the mail, got my hair trimmed, made truffles, enjoyed company of a great friends all weekend, and I start a women's bible study next week! (eek!!! We read chapters, meet Thursdays and fill in questions in the back of the book! I am a little nervous as this is COMPLETELY out of my element; but Caleb and I have really enjoyed going to Church lately and seem to be happier, less stressed, and even more in love......I'd say this is a good thing!)

Well, maybe a episode of House Hunters is on that I have not seen, so I am signing off. G'Night Neverland!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Life Updates.....

Well, here it is again. Another year, another dollar. At least for those who have full time permanent jobs ;). I can't remember much, and I know I can go back and look at my last posts, but I am just going to stick with talking through my fingers.

Since last year, I have stopped working at Silver Spur (Thank God!!!!- the BEST blessing ever to come our way), have started as the Spa Coordinator for large groups at Brush Creek Ranch; LOVE IT!, and am subbing here in Saratoga when the needs arise.

I had a full week of subbing, and the first time ever, right before Christmas. While the pay isn't great, it was a fresh breath of air and great to hear that I still look young, as the kids all thought I was a new student. I had to aide a young lady with Aspergers and that was definately a challenge. She is on the brink of a genius, and with no doubt I think it is safe to say she has a higher IQ than myself, and all the teachers in the school. I have never dealt with special needs, and while I was their as her aide to make sure she wrote down assignments and payed attention, it quickly became apparent that I was NOT there for her. Rather, I was there to keep all the little ass hole high school kids from making fun of her and picking on her.

     Since that week, I have found out a little more. What she has isn't mental retardation, but more like a lack in social skills. She would only look you in the eye if the conversation deals with what she wants to talk about. (i.e. birds! She is obsessive about ospreys and swans). I had a lot of connection with her in one particular area- repetitive annoying sounds. For example, there are a group of non-considerate girls in all of her classes, and their favorite thing to do is smack their gum and pop bubbles. On several occasions I just wanted to scream at them! But have no fear, my student took care of that for me. One day, she got so mad because they started harassing her before I stepped in the picture, that she just couldn't take it and stormed out of class. She lacks those social skills of 'normal' beings, but when you get her on a conversation, she is absolutely very talented and funny! Enough on this for now.......................till next time I sub............

     My work out at the spa is so different than anything I ever could have thought I would enjoy. While I don't necessarily get all the spa bitches lingo (what we call each other and laugh every time we do it), I am quickly learning and really enjoying my time out there. I am the one who makes sure the guests know where to go to get robed and ready for their treatments, make them feel at home, and cater to them; I know, a little out of my realm, but I love it!

Caleb is waiting to start his new position out at Sinclair as a welder- pay raise, monday-friday hours, weekends off and doing what he loves. We found a church here in town, and we love going, even though it doesn't always work out with his work schedules. As you all know, we have a lot of traveling to do to see our family members that we miss a ton, so please bare with us and our bank accounts- trying to get out of debt and not owing anyone, while trying to make ends meet and keep sane is proving to be a challenge, but we are getting the hang of it. Welcome to America huh?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow, Wind and Cold Weather

I am back- again!!!!!!! Sorry my dear few followers, but I seem to always forget how to blog, and remember how to stalk on facebook. I will admit, I love to  stalk, but it seems to just be pictures, photographers, and pregnant women photos. Some are just so adorable and others, well, should just not take pictures of themselves prego.

I am going to have to make this short, because I need a nap, and I  have to get my stuff ready for yet another vendor fair thing I am doing tonight. Not sure why I am going, because I will bet any of you $100 that there isn't anyone who shows up. grrrrrr. I was invited to join, and told invites and ads would go out, only to find out an hour ago the lady will a.) be late and b.) hasn't told anyone- so I am praying to the facebook Gods that someone who has read my page will show up and spend $$.

What I really wanted to let all of you know, is that I will be WORKING, yes I said WORKING next week. Apparently the Junior High/High School needs and Aide in the Special Needs room for all of next week, so here I go. At home with my homies........rather my sisters homies.

By the way, for you readers- I finally had a dose of what being a woman was like again, and I HATE IT!! Thats all. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Ideas for Annie & Caleb

I have decided that you all need to know what we would like and use, rather than not like and just re-sell on EBay!! So family- coming from the couple that is THE worst gift givers imaginable, please respond to this post by telling us what you would like from us!! Thanks in advance. Now moving on because Wheel of Fortune is about on:

For Annie & Caleb (you decide what is for who- can't be that hard if you know us)
~NOOK  (that virtual book from Barnes and Noble, and YES in color) no worry, I literally have it printed in plain site above the computer so that every time Caleb may come use the computer, he is reminded to just buy it then. so far, it hasn't come across the banking, so I will just dream of this, much like I dream of the next item
~Purple Ball Dyson Vacuum. Nuff said
~Duck Hunt for the Wii- YES!!!! It is HEEEEERRRRRREEEEE!! Saw it today on a commercial!
~the book that just came out today, by George W. Bush- but preferrably, just the book for the nook please and thanks.
~Alaskan Cruise. anytime will work. 2 tickets. thanks.
~NEW (compared to used I guess) Deep fitted Egyptian Cotton Sheets. brown. tan. ivory. sage green. or brown. plus Pillow cases silly heads!
~Victoria's Secret Gift Card (mom- its only tradition, and with that tradition, comes more money on it every year. lets pretend my boobs are growing so I need more money to spend :) )
~Canon Camera with interchangable lenses.
~Vivi Crandell Bunny Prints. I will re-decorate, I just want them. let's make this a tradition, what-do-ya say? PERFECT! I agree too!
~A weekend for my 25th birthday in $$VEGAS$$$ with all of you who are reading this!!!! (sister-I just kicked you out because you turned me down. not nice. we are now fighting.)

Ok Folks- Happy Shopping!!!! wheel is on, got to run! Toodles